Welcome to Uttaranchal University! I am happy to greet you all in your own community, your own campus, which stands witness to the most crucial segment of your specialized learning odyssey. As you all have crossed the threshold of your alma mater, after attaining knowledge and skills of your chosen field, and have embarked on your career path, the support of my office will as always, be there as your most trusted bond with your alma mater.

Alumni Associations play a vital role in an institution’s advancement activities. Uttaranchal University believes that its alumni are its most loyal supporters who contribute a significant share in the overall expansion of their alma mater. The Association aims to foster a spirit of loyalty and promote the general welfare of all its stakeholders.

I take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards all the former students of Uttaranchal University for making the Alumni Association one of the most popular and active student associations. Thanks a lot for contributing in varied ways, like, sharing your competency & experience, serving as role models, offering practical support to students as they start their careers, and the like.

I also invite all the passed-out students of Uttaranchal University, who have not yet registered themselves in Uttaranchal University’s Alumni Association, to register and be a part of their University ensuring the bond to last forever.

You, our treasured alumni, are the reflection of our past, the representation of our present, and the link to our future. I conclude by stating my belief that our strong alumni relations enhance our prospects as our alumni reflect our identity by playing the role of global emissary and sharing our current advancements.

Prof. (Dr.) Abhishek Joshi
President – Alumni Association

Email: abhishekjoshi.uu@gmail.com