I Dr. Pradeep Suri (Dean Alumni) welcome esteemed Alumni of our University.

Alumni are the backbone of any institution. To create an institution of excellence one strongly needs the support of its alumni and that’s the reason why institution focuses most on the alumni.

Our Alumni are our brand ambassadors and we value them, during the past period our alumni has been of great support to our institution by contributing through designing good syllabus for our current courses, coming to the University and guiding the new generation of students and also sharing their experiences for making them understand about industry. I am proud to say that the alumni also support us for placement purposes and even some financial support is extended by them.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all our alumni and I wish that this relationship between the alumni and their alma mater would continue for many years to come, and also that this bonding will develop strongly as the time progresses.

Looking forward to meeting you very soon. My best wishes for all of you

Prof. (Dr.) Pradeep Suri
Dean– Alumni Association