Uttaranchal University organised Orientation Program 2020

Uttaranchal University organised its orientation program 2020 on 8th of September online through Zoom platform for the newly admitted UG and PG students of various disciplines as a mark of new beginning. The event began with the lighting of auspicious lamp and Saraswati Vandana invoking the blessings of the goddess. This was followed by felicitation of the chief guest Hon’ble Chancellor of Uttaranchal University Shri. Jitender Joshi by the Vice Chancellor of the University Prof. (Dr.) Rajesh Bahuguna and Dr. Abhishek Joshi, Director of Student Affairs and IT Services was felicitated by Dr. Pradeep Suri, Director UIM. The major objective of the programme was to acquaint the parents and students on the academic aspects, the rules and regulations of the University and ensuring a parental support and participation in motivating the students.

At the outset Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Rajesh Bahuguna extended his cordial welcome to the dignitaries, Dean and Directors of the University and a hearty appreciation and greetings to the new comers to the Dev Bhoomi of Uttarakhand and the philanthropic university committed to social responsibility. Uttaranchal University is a visionary team led by Hon’ble Chancellor and eminent faculty members offer an array of multi-disciplinary courses and serve as a portal of knowledge. The University with a cosmopolitan culture has more than 900 students across the nation enrolled in various courses.

Dr. Rajesh Bahuguna delivered an elaborate inspirational speech in continuance covering various aspects of the University, assimilating students to their new surroundings and finally building up a positive attitude amidst the student community. Classes will be conducted online through the ERP system until it becomes feasible for the on-campus classes. He also threw light on the University library which is well-stocked with an aim of providing “Anytime, Anywhere Access” to information through remote access facility. It has a hybrid collection of printed as well electronic resources both at the University and Department level. The R&D centre, which is the need of the hour to stand out in the crowd, is led by the guidance of senior faculty members and scientists has numerous patents and innovations registered throughout the year both by the faculty members and inquisitive students of the University. The University invites experts of various fields including corporate personalities, bureaucrats and judges to kindle the young minds and inspire them to make a wise career choice. To channelize the energy of young minds and to fuel their passion we have several societies like the ECO Club, Debating Society, Moot Court Society, Cultural Society, Sports Club, Nirmaan Society for innovators and literary club, to name a few.

Uttaranchal University has many ‘firsts’ in it through the various awards and recognitions bestowed on it by various associations, Ranking bodies and the students who participate in several National and International events. Uttaranchal University organises events at National and International level which is much awaited by the student community across the nation. The rich Alumni association has more than 15000 alumni members in various positions both at the National and International level who play an active role in guiding the students. Prof. Rajesh Bahuguna insisted on certain aspects like uniform, attendance, avoiding the use of drugs and other addictives etc. which the students have to strictly adhere to during their tenure in the university. The Mentor-Mentee system of the university plays a vital role in guiding and motivating the students and helps them in bringing out their best. He also shared his Guru Mantra for the students as ‘BHOG’ where B- stands for, be honest to yourself, parents, teachers and profession, H- stands for, have faith in the system in which you are involved, O-be organized in every aspect, G- for give your 100 % in whatever you do. He ended his address with a message to the students from Mahabharat, which means everyone, has a different perception and the meaning of ‘Dharma’ is difficult to judge, hence choose a path that will lead to virtuous deeds.

Mr. Iqbal singh, Manager Corporate Resource Centre, extended his greetings to students who have undertaken an affordable and wonderful journey at Uttaranchal University. He insisted on the skills which one has to imbibe to become a corporate ready person. The technical aspects are taught at the class room and the skills needed to market ones’ skill will be enhanced through the training provided by the placement cell. It also has specialised trainers and modules to steer the students in cracking several competitive examinations. He ended with the quote, “The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war,” insisting the need of hard work and perseverance of the students.

Dr. Pradeep Suri, Director Uttaranchal Institute of Management gave a closing note with a few inspirational words to the new entrants. His address was to ignite the students to shackle their barriers and strive hard to learn new things to achieve their dreams. Quoting Warren Buffets words, “Don’t do different things, do things differently”, he emphasised the need to think out of the box. Consistency, perseverance, determination and punctuality combined with confidence are vital for a student to tread on the path of success. He also emphasised the need of English Communication in the business scenario. SWOT analysis will help one realise oneself making their success journey an easier one. With this he concluded his speech stating, ‘Thirst for knowledge and greed to learn and explore new things will help to reach the zenith of career”.

Uttaranchal University saw participation of more than 900 students on the occasion of orientation program conducted to welcome its new students. The dignitaries present on the occasion were Hon’ble Chancellor, Shri Jitender Joshi, Dr. Abhishek Joshi, Director S.A & I.T services, Mr. Ajay Singh, Registrar of University, Mr. Jagdish Joshi, Director Planning, Prof. Pradeep Suri, Dean & Director UIM, Prof. Poonam Rawat, officiating Dean LCD, Prof. Munish Sethi, Director UIT, Prof. S.K.Shah, Principal, University Polytechnic, Prof. Ajay Singh, Dean Research & Principal School of Applied and Life Sciences, Prof. Anuj Mittal, Director UIPS, Dr. Shreya Goel, HOD Liberal Arts , Dr. Rajinder Prasad, HOD SOA, Mr. Manish Badoni, HOD Hospitality Management, Ms. Smriti Uniyal, HOD SMCS, Prof. S.P Gairola, Dean R&D, Dr. N.C .Uniyal, Director IQAC, Mr. K.B.Pokhriyal, COE, Mr. Iqbal Singh, Manager CRC, Dr. Bharti Ramola, Mr. Bhandari and Media Persons along with the new students of UG and PG courses.

“It is the size of
one’s will which determines success.” Uttaranchal University committed to excellence cordially invites its new entrants.